Konference: Performance, Embodiment and the Digital Archive

Katedra dramatu, divadla a tance v Royal Holloway, University of London, pořádá digitální konferenci „Performance, Embodiment and the Digital Archive“ (12. – 30. října 2020). Cílem tohoto setkání je prozkoumat roli, kterou hrají postupy fyzického divadla ve vytváření vzpomínek a v přehodnocení vývoje digitálních archivů v konfliktních zónách.


Konference zahrnuje jak tematické rozhovory, tak praktické intervence. Podrobnosti najdete ZDE



The Department of Drama, Theatre and Dance at Royal Holloway, University of London is organising the digital conference and platform ‚Performance, Embodiment and the Digital Archive’ (12 – 30 October 2020) to explore the role that embodied performance practices play in the construction of memory and reconciliation and the development of digital archives in sites of conflict.

The conference includes both thematic research talks and practice-based interventions. With due deference to the theme and current limitations related to COVID-19, the encounter will be entirely digital following the Nearly Carbon Neutral (NCN) model. All conference activities will be found on www.pedaconference2020.com (coming soon!).

Participant research and artistic interventions represent sites of conflict from across the globe, including in Argentina, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Chile, Colombia, Gaza, Nicaragua and the United Kingdom.

The conference is the concluding event of a two-year research project with Universidad de Antioquia (Colombia), ‘Embodied Performance Practices in Processes of Reconciliation, Construction of Memory and Peace in Chocó and El Pacífico Medio, Colombia’ funded by the AHRC and Colciencias. Previous events brought together international scholars to discuss arts-based initiatives focused on the construction of memory and the representation of unheard voices in museums, textiles, traditional dances, memory parks and more.

For more information and to reserve your place please visit our Eventbrite site HERE

We really appreciate if you can share this information with your colleagues and anyone interested! The event is totally free and registrations is required. Events will be in English and Spanish.

Publikováno: 2.10.2020