Výzva – mezinárodní konference – OTHERHOOD – Circus and Identity

Po dvou mezinárodních konferencích – “Women & Circus” v roce 2009  a “Magie Nouvelle” v roce 2012 – se organizátoři Fetsival Novog Cirkusa v Zagrebu rozhodli uskutečnit další konferenci, tentokrát na téma: „OTHERHOOD – Circus and Identity“. Akci spolupořádá Mala performerska scena pod hlavičkou Circus Information Centre. Konference potrvá od 14. do 15. listopadu. Informace o konferenci najdete zde.
Návrhy na konferenční příspěvky nebo dotazy posílejte do 20. září na centar@cirkus.hr

Anotace v AJ:

The concept of identity is always constructed in relation to the others. Be it identification with the others due to shared values and characteristics, or a contra-identification due to a need for differentiation, the others obviously always played a major role in this ongoing process.

The circus, with its inseparable nomadic lifestyle, artistic fantasy and non-standard internal politics, is a typical example of the Other, queer norm-breaker that is provoking the society’s rules, reality, and definition of stability. It is a micro-society of social outcasts, yet in the global surrounding – did the sense of community belonging change? How do the artists approach the subjects of gender, nation, class, religion, sexuality, race, freak? In their art, in their life? Are there outcasts among the Others too? Do we over-romanticize circus and its capacities of acceptance? How are the schools, the market, festivals supporting differences? In the shaken world of 21st century, which is witnessing enormous migrations of humankind due to political, economic and social reasons, how can circus use its historical and inalienable specificities to address the burning questions of an ever-changing society it reflects upon? How can the outsider’s mirror be relevant? Circus yesterday / circus today – what is it?Barnum pun intended.

“Otherhood: Circus and Identity” is a multidisciplinary conference that wants to address these and many more questions artists and scientists could raise together in the proposed spectrum. Please submit your questions and ideas for participation in the form of an abstract, join your CV, and send all to centar@cirkus.hr, no later thanSeptember 20th. The involvement of the accepted speakers/performers at the conference will be free of charge, and a limited number of travel supports will be available upon request.

foto: Festival Novog Cirkusa – Lonely Circis (Ph. Laurencon)

Publikováno: 30.8.2016