5-3-1 Juggling Festival in Helsinki

The 15th annual 5-3-2 Juggling Festival takes place in Helsinki from Oct. 10 to Oct. 18, 2013. The event keeps its traditional location at the Wollti circus school.

The spiritual fathers of the festival are Maksim Komaro, Ville Walo and Joonas Rissanen. Their original vision was to establish a symposium for professional artists who consider juggling a form of art. This is the reason why 5-3-1 is a strictly single-technique festival which devotes its three-day span exclusively to jugglers and juggling.

As always, the program is packed with juggling performances, workshops and seminars. This year, workshops will be given by Michael Moschen (USA), Tony Pezzo (USA), Patrik Elmnert (SWE) and many others. Participants need to register in advance on the festival’s web site. The accreditation fee for the festival includes admission to all events of the program, accommodation (already full, not available anymore) and all workshops.

Accreditation fee: 60 when registering by Oct. 1, 2013, €80 afterwards.

More information is available on the festival web site.