CCC Talk No II: CIRCUS in between the walls

A Center for Contemporary Circus in cooperation with the Letní Letná Festival of Contemporary Circus presents The Czech Contemporary Circus Showcase which is a curated selection of Czech contemporary-circus projects. Listen to 60 minutes / 3 themed blocks / hosted by Veronika Štefanová and meet Czech artists who have been active in Czech contemporary circus for over a decade as well as those who are just entering the professional scene. You will discover the diversity and richness of the creative approaches behind the scenes of Czech contemporary circus whether it is performed on theater stages, in circus tents or in the streets, for a broad audience or as an experiment pushing the limits of the genre.


Cirk La Putyka – Runners – Vít Neznal and Ethan Law

Losers Cirque Company – Audition – Petr Horníček

Filip Zahradnický – Collection of Sceptical Pleasures – Filip Zahradnický

Alžběta Tichá – Stav – Bětka Tichá

Cirkus TeTy – Peeping Janes – Martina Hajdyla Lacová

Squadra Sua – Across – Roman Horák

Ondřej Holba – And Who Is Useless Now? – Ondřej Holba