Verticality, weight and gravity. Pedagogical guide

Reflections on the concepts of verticality weight and gravity in circus arts‘ professional teaching.

Static trapeze, Chinese pole, rope and tissue.

Focus group #2 and INTENTS project leaders are happy to introduce the new pedagogical manual „Verticality, weight and gravity“. Written by the associated author Agathe Dumont thanks to her observation of the continuous training session between circus arts teachers. Here’s an extract :

„The INTENTS “Verticality, weight and gravity” session suggests a cross-disciplinary approach. By combining the expertise of teachers and speakers from many different countries, schools and backgrounds, the objective is to share skills, reflect together and ask questions about how to act. Taking their experience in the field as a starting point, the four speakers– Roberto Magro (La Central del Circ, Barcelona, Spain), Clare Anderson (National Centre for Circus Arts, London, United Kingdom), Marie-Céline Daubagna (Le Lido, Toulouse, France) and Chloé Moglia (artist and artistic director of the company Rhizome) – suggested approaching the concepts of verticality, gravity and weight in the language of aerial disciplines starting from their own individual experiences. The idea was to recommend tools and avenues for reflection and then experiment on the body, in the specific place where they are conveyed to each individual person. This manual takes into account their experience as well as the testimonials of the teachers that attended the continuing professional development course led by educational coordinator, Anne Morin.“