Circus Sacra

Circus Sacra is a street and circus theater which expands on theater genres based on physical expression, especially the circus and comic ones. In its work, Circus Sacra tries to bring these genre closer to theater projects which use acrobatic and circus techniques while drawing inspiration from the principles used by both traditional and modern clowns. The goal is to enrich circus with theater and theater with circus.

Circus Sacra is a theater which deals with matters between heaven and Earth – both literally and figuratively. Props fly through the air. Actors on stilts are trying to get closer to the heavens and acrobats are trying to fly freely in the air. Just as an acrobat leaps from the Earth and spends a moment flying in the air, or a trapeze artist and a rope walker, a clown is a poet who flies away in his thoughts…

The key personality of Circus Sacra is Števo Capko, actor, gagman, choreographer and clown. In 1993-97, he was a student of Ctibor Turba and Boris Hybner at the Department of Non-verbal and Comedy Theater at AMU in Prague. During his studies, he completed internships at Scuola Teatro Dimitri in Switzerland and at Centre National des Arts du Cirque in France. He also studied with Daniel Gulko and admired the work of Slava Polunin.

Števo founded Circus Sacra while working on an opera staging entitled Circus Terra at the Norwegen Opera in Oslo. He is the author and director of Faustroll (after a book by Alfred Jarry) and several street shows (Draceana, Mechanica and Chambourine). With Jiří Bilbo Reidinger, Števo performs the already legendary Czechoslovak Amoral Plate Clown Act (Československá Amorální Clownerie Talíře-Taniere) directed by Ctibor Turba which was created at the Alfred Ve Dvoře Mime Theater. Within the Prague – European Capital of Culture 2000 campaign, he also participated in the Archa 2000 – Theater in Motion project. In 2006, Števo created a street theater ritual entitled Driving Boredom out of Prague (featuring stage design by Matěj Němeček) which took place in Prague’s Old Town as the opening event of the Mimraj 2006 festival organized as a part of the celebration of 50 years of Czechoslovak mime.

Today, Circus Sacra focuses on theater and street clown acts which can be performed in the street, in circus tents, in theaters but also in the original clown arena known as CLOWNS IN THE BLUE, which is the portable home stage of Circus Sacra.


Current repertory:

Brick Cirk – a one-clown circus about a brick in all possible forms and positions

Lazy Variety – a theater clown act set in times that still had class and elegance which also features a Crystal Swan

Cirkus Žardini – an interactive children’s shows in which the audience turns into circus artists thanks to the magic power of the enchanted garden

Domptéra clown act about freedom and a great joy from a simple game which even a lion tamer can’t tame