A circus school for children, youths and adults operating as a project of the Lužánky Leisure-Time Center in Brno – Kohoutovice since 2005. Thanks to many years of cooperation with our German colleagues (Stuttgarter Jugendhaus GmbH), LeGrando commenced its operation as the first training space specializing in teaching circus skills to children and youths. LeGrando offers workshops of over 15 circus techniques in its own small circus tent and its a permanent building. The courses climax with original performances based on acrobatic skills. Apart from perennial educational activities, LeGrando offers summer camps for children and co-organizes juggling encounters in Brno.


In 2013, LeGrando gained a new multipurpose wing of its building – a circus ring – which enabled it to significantly expand its offer for adults in the form of conditioning courses of, e.g., aerial acrobatics. LeGrando maintains contacts with colleagues from Spain, Poland and Belgium and has been a long-time participant in the Circus Culture 4 Europe project which focuses on sharing the know-how of circus education.