The V.O.S.A. (Loose Civic Association of Independents) consists of professional actors, musicians and acrobats with many years of experience in the so-called independent or alternative theater in both its street form and site-specific form. V.O.S.A. members mostly meet to create unique site-specific performances for interesting prestigious international projects. In the past years, the association created a parade performance which represented Prague at the celebration of the anniversary of St. Petersburg, a street performance for Czech Trade in London and for Czech Centers in Berlin. V.O.S.A. presented parade performances in Gdynia, Poland and Lviv, Ukraine. In 2010, the association participated at the EXPO in Shanghai, China and represented the city of Prague in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The association cooperates with many prestigious festivals and NGO’s.


The producer and owner of the V.O.S.A. brand is ART Prometheus, its director is Jakub Vedral.